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Photo 365 Project

Yesterday I decided to take on a photo 365 project. This is where you challenge yourself to take a photo everyday for a year and post it. Some people do this because they are aspiring photographers and others do it as a way to connect with other photographers. I am doing it for one simple get in the habit of taking more photos. All too often I find myself, after getting together with friends or family, realizing that I had not taken a single photo. I have 3 kids and they are growing up quickly and the more photos I take the better. If I get in the habit of taking a photo and posting it everyday for a year then it will train me to think more about taking photos as I go through my day. I'm also hoping to get inspiration from other people's photography as a way to better my own skills. I've also been meaning to get into astrophotography for years, but have never done it. Maybe this will help me take a step towards doing it.

If you want to join me or are already an active photographer look me up on Flickr:

I have also added my Flickr photostream to a dedicated page on this website. Just scroll up and look for the page called "Flickr".

If you are on another photo sharing service and want connect just comment to this post or drop me a line via the Contact page on this website. I'd love to see your work.

Here's to a year full of taking more photos (I hope)...

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