Tom Bihn Ristretto – My New Favorite Tech Gear Bag

Laptop, tablet and gear bags are something almost every geek owns and every geeks seems to have an opinion on. I’ve gone through my fair share of bags over the years(Waterfield, Chrome, Timbuk2, L.L. Bean, STM and others) but this Tom Bihn Ristretto bag I’ve been trying out for the past month has quickly become my favorite all-around bag…

Book Review: Getting Things Done by David Allen - 2015 Edition

Getting Things Done (also known as the GTD system) is a task management methodology. Before you dismiss this book (and this article) as boring hear this...GTD changed my life about 7 years ago when I read David Allen's book and implemented his GTD system. If you are a geeky parent like me and want to have more time to do the things you enjoy and be able to enjoy them even more because you know you aren't dropping the ball somewhere else...then this book is for you.

Mission Log: Remembering Leonard Nimoy

At least once a week I talk to a fellow Star Trek fan and I find out they have never heard of the Mission Log podcast. I’m a new writer here at GeekDad, so when I heard the latest episode of the Mission Log podcast (Remembering Leonard Nimoy) and realized Mission Log had not been covered on GeekDad … I knew the topic of my next article.

Doing the Two-Smartphone Shuffle

You know who I’m talking about even if I’m not specifically talking about you. This is the person that comes into a meeting at work and plops down a stack of smartphones on the conference room table. I have recently joined the two smartphone club, and because I see so many others like me struggling to do this dance properly I thought it was time to help make things a little easier.