My Content:

You are free to share the content I post to my site as long as you provide a link back to the original content. If you plan to share more than 150 words of my content at a time please contact me before doing so.

Product/App Reviews:

I don't do a ton of product or application reviews. Most of the reviews I post here are for things that I find incredibly useful. That being said I am more than willing to consider reviewing your product. However:

  • You can send me a product to review but that is no guarantee that I will review or mention your product or application. Even if I do end up writing a review it may not be a positive one. I am brutally honest. If you want a fluff piece go somewhere else.
  • Don't send me a list of "demands" associated with your product. You have seen my blog. If you don't like my writing style then don't ask me to review your product. Sending me "guidelines" for how many words I need to write about your product and how to link thru to your product site will be duly ignored.
  • If you send me a product to review please be very clear about whether you want the product returned, timeframes for the return and shipping arrangements.
  • I don't review just anything. I firmly believe that technology must be put to work **FOR YOU** instead of you working with technology. Technology is a tool that must be used properly. If your product isn't useful (or at least *really* fun) it's a good bet I won't be interested in reviewing it.
  • I don't guarantee any kind of a timeline to you with respect to how soon I will post a review about your product. I have a full time day job that requires me to travel quite a bit and a have a very busy family life. This website is something I do in my spare time and only I can determine when I have spare time to spend writing for it.

Comments on this Blog:

  • Comments are enabled on this blog, but all comments are moderated and must be approved before they show up on the site
  • If your comment is rude, abusive or self-serving it will not be allowed. This is my site, if you want to publish your words I suggest you get your own website and use that as your platform instead
  • All that being said, I want to enable communication and conversation to happen around my posts so I do encourage comments
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