Hi. I'm Skip...

Rocket scientist...tech geek...husband...Dad. The name of my site refers to a line from my favorite movie. See my 1st blog post for more on the genesis of the name, but essentially it means don't EVER hold back.

Does Anyone Use This Page on My Site?

I created this separate blog page just for my Vincent Award posts in case someone wanted to subscribe ONLY to my Vincent Award posts. I thought there might be some people that weren't interested in all my other tech related ramblings (I know hard to believe). Anyway, it takes a bit of extra time to keep this additional Vincent Award page running. If you like having this separate Vincent Award blog page so you can just subscribe ONLY to my Vincent Award posts then I want to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below. If I don't hear from anyone by next Friday (my next Vincent Award post date) I will get rid of this page and just stick to posting Vincent Award content on my main blog page with all the rest of my posts.


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Vincent Award #12: Monique Koll

Vincent Award #12: Monique Koll

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