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Vincent Award #2: Grant Leslie

This week's Vincent Award goes to Grant Leslie. Grant Leslie is 13 years old and has been told since birth that he "can't" do many things. But Grant has chosen not to listen and is chasing after his dream of becoming a "rock star" drummer, and he is well on his way. What makes Grant's accomplishments so amazing is that he has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, which means Grant was born without specific muscles in his arms and feet and is unable to bend them. I love it when people are able to prove they can do something and do it exceptionally well when it should be an impossibility. Read the original article from THV11 news along with the video showing Grant on the drums...amazing!

This week I have a runner-up, quite literally. Hernan Garcia, owner of Daddy Ultra Runs (a running store in downtown Cocoa, Florida), plans to run for 24 hours straight. Hernan will be running in the Space Coast Marathon this Sunday, but 26.2 miles wasn't long enough. Instead of just running a marathon, Hernan will start running 24 hours before his anticipated finish of the marathon the next day. This will be Hernan Garcia's 4th year doing this 24 hour run and he does this to raise money for the organization Families Exploring Down Syndrome of Brevard (FEDS of Brevard). His goal this year, to raise $5000. Hernan is also providing a way for people to join him for parts or all of his run and last year he had over 60 people run part of it with him. Read the original Florida Today article, Hernan's blog where he talks about his upcoming run, and Hernan's donation page to track how he is doing with his fundraising goal. Good luck Hernan!

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