Who am I and what's with the name?

Rocket scientist...tech geek...husband...Dad. The name of my site refers to a line from my favorite movie. See my 1st blog post for more on the genesis of the name, but essentially it means don't EVER hold back.


I am an occasional contributor over at GeekDad.com, so I write a few articles a month over there. You can find links to all the articles I have written on GeekDad here.

Vincent Award

What is the Vincent Award? It's an award I have created based on Vincent (played by Ethan Hawke), which is the name of the main character in the movie Gattaca. In one of the most important scenes of the whole movie, or in Vincent's own words "It was the moment that made everything else possible", Vincent against all odds pulls out all the stops and does something that should be impossible. As I said in my 1st blog post, Gattaca is my favorite movie and it is my favorite because of this one scene. If you haven't seen the movie then I suggest you watch it as soon as possible. However, if you don't mind a bit of a spoiler watch the embedded video below of the scene that makes "everything else possible." (SPOILER ALERT...skip to the next paragraph) In this scene Vincent is playing a game of chicken against someone. That game of chicken is swimming out into the ocean to see which person turns back to swim for shore 1st. You will need to watch the entire movie to really understand the importance of this scene and why this was a near impossible task for Vincent, but it will give you a good taste of the movie and a better understanding of the name of my website and the meaning behind this award.

So what is this Vincent Award and why am I bothering to post about the Vincent award on a regular basis? Every Friday I will post a news article about someone that has done something truly incredible. You know what I'm talking about, an act that requires that person to dig deep and "save nothing for the swim back" in order to pull off. I am doing this because I believe each and every one of us is capable of and needs to have a few of these "Vincent" moments in our own lives. I find these type of stories truly inspiring and it pushes me to tackle my next problem just a little bit harder. Can you imagine how much better our world would be if we all had JUST ONE Vincent moment each and that moment not only made some small impact on our community but also inspired others to do the same.

I will post my Vincent Award winning news article every Friday on my main blog page. If you know of someone that deserves the Vincent Award I'd love to hear from you. Use my Contact Form and use "Vincent Award" as the subject. Even if the person/event you want to share with me didn't make the news I still want to hear about it!

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