Status on my resolutions


So I'm a month into my New Year did I do? Pretty darn good!


  • Lost 5 lb so far
  • Really enjoying the food
  • When I'm hungry I eat, no counting calories
  • No more desire for late night snacking

I've been on lots of different diets and so far this is my favorite. The Paleo Diet is really more of a lifestyle change than a diet, which in my opinion is why I think it works so well. My fridge is full of fresh fruits and vegetables (ok,ok and beer...I'm allowed a little beer).

Changing Banks

  • Totally switched over my traditional bank account to a Simple account
  • Transitioned about half my monthly credit card spending to debit (should be completely debit based next month)
  • Absolutely love the instant posting of transactions to my account 
  • Excellent customer service, finally feel like my bank cares about me
  • Very easy budgeting and goal tools built into the smartphone and website

Simple is still only accepting new customers on a limited basis. I still have a few invites left, so if you want to try them let me know I'll send you an invite. I think this is the future of banking, at least the future of GOOD banking.

Piano and Guitar

  • Success!
  • Been playing a bit of both almost every day for the last 30 days
  • Playing has become more of a natural habit now
  • Has re-prioritized my time to allow me to play both daily
  • Finally building up real calluses on my fingers for the guitar


  • The only "failure" if you will
  • Decided the significant change in diet was enough of a change
  • Been slowly increasing my weekly exercise, just not on a specific program or routine
  • My flexibility with this goal has allowed me to succeed with all my other goals


  • Wrote in my Day One journal everyday during the month of January
  • Kept me honest with my resolutions
  • Been nice to reflect on my day each day
  • Interesting to look back on the week, see the pictures I have taken and attached to my journal entries

So that's how I did with my New Year resolutions. I gotta say, I'm pretty happy with how I did. These are changes I have been meaning to make for a while now. I was probably a little crazy in attempting to make so many changes at once, but despite the number of changes I was able to stick to them. The main thing this whole experience has taught me is that good habits are a hell of a lot harder to instill than bad ones, but in the end it's worth the effort.

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