Safari App in iOS is Missing

Can't find the Safari web browser app anywhere on you iOS device? It's very possible you aren't going crazy and it really isn't there. But before we jump to that conclusion do the following:

  1. Go to your home screen and swipe to the left to get to the search box on your device
  2. Type in Safari
  3. If nothing comes up in the search then congratulations, you have a real problem. If your search did find the Safari application then do us both a favor and spend a few minutes organizing the apps on your iOS device. After all, there is nothing worse than a messy iOS device!

If you really can't find the Safari application on your iOS device I might have a possible cause behind your missing app and a solution. My daughter recently upgraded from an iPod Touch to an iPhone and I have always had parental controls activated on her device. So when she got her iPhone 4S I simply restored her new phone from her previous iPod Touch's backup. One of the options of parental controls is to disable the Safari application and I had always opted to disable it. So when my daughter came to me a few days after getting her new iPhone complaining about not being able to access the Internet via web browser I assumed it was because the parental controls were still enabled. I figured she was now old enough that it was time to give her back the Safari app. But when I looked at her phone parental controls was not enabled at all, but still no Safari (even after following my own 3-step advice from above). Somehow the transition between the iPod Touch and the iPhone 4S didn't apply the parental controls at all and in doing so failed to install the Safari application. So I enabled parental controls on her iPhone 4S and restricted the use of Safari and then enabled the use of Safari and the Safari application appeared on her device. Problem solved.

This may or may not be why the Safari app on your iOS device has gone missing, but if it is then its an easy fix. Good luck!

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