FaceBook Battery Drain on iOS

The last several weeks I have noticed my iPhone 5 battery draining MUCH faster than normal. Before heading to the Apple Genius Bar I decided to create a log in Numbers that kept track of the following things (since the last full charge) on a daily basis:

  • Hours of active use
  • Hours on standby
  • Battery percentage remaining

iOS automatically keeps track of the 1st 2 items for you. Just go to:

Settings: General: Usage

and below Storage and iCloud you will find Battery Usage that list the "Usage" (active time used in hours) and Standby (time in hours the phone has been on but not active) since the last full charge. I only had to keep this log for a few days before I accidentally stumbled onto the crux of my problem...the iOS FaceBook App. I remembered an article by Michael Grothaus on TUAW that talked about a developer that suspected the iOS FaceBook app to be running in the background more often than it should. So after a few days of logging some pretty abismal battery levels I deleted FaceBook from my iPhone. Immediately my battery levels at the end of each day dramatically increased. I am now able to as much as 2-days without having to charge my phone instead of not making it through a full day (especially when traveling).

I'm sure at some point FaceBook will fix this issue with their App. In the mean time I am actually enjoying NOT having FaceBook on my iPhone, afterall I do still have it on my iPad. Checking in on FaceBook once or twice a day only using my iPad is more than enough and the iPad battery is much "tougher" and can therefore take the extra battery drain punishment the FaceBook app seems be dishing out right now.

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