Using Flickr Photos for the Apple TV Screen Saver

This week I spent some time setting up a couple of Apple TVs in conference rooms and building lobby areas at work. While doing this I encountered a problem I needed to solve. I wanted to run the Apple TVs in conference room mode so that when the screen saver kicked in there was also a set instructions displayed showing the user how to stream data from their device to the Apple TV. What do I use for screen saver photos? This is a work environment so I wanted make sure the photos were both appropriate for work and that they also were also photos that all had a similar theme to our line of work. The Apple TVs are not linked to an iCloud or Apple ID so streaming photos from a connected computer or an iCloud account was not going to work. My best option was to use Flickr, but how? I found a Flickr user that posted photos that worked perfectly for our work environment, but how do I link that user to the Apple TV screen saver. Here's how you do that:

First, browse through Flickr and find a photos from user would like to use as your Apple TV. Once you have found a user go to the Flickr Find User Page and perform a search for that user to make sure you have the exact Flickr user name (proper case and spacing). Once you have that, go into Apple TV:

 Settings  > Screen Saver

...and from within the screen saver menu you will have an option to use Flickr photos for your screen saver photos. Now, instead of doing a search for Flickr photos you want to "Add Flickr Contact" a nd enter in the exact name of the Flickr user that you found and want to use for your screen saver photos. After the Apple TV finds that Flickr user you then have a choice of selecting either groups/collections of photos within that user's account or using all of the most recent photos. The Flickr user I went with was NASA on The Commons. What ever photos you choose try to stick to official looking Flickr accounts, especially if you are worried about the types of photos that may end up being added to that account in the futur and displayed on your Apple TV. In my case the NASA on The Commons Flickr stream is a great collection of historical NASA photos...just what I was looking for.

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