Vincent Award #7: Maria Leijerstam

This week's Vincent Award goes to Maria Leijerstam, who became the world's first person to ride a bicycle to the South Pole. Maria, a 35-year old from Great Britain, completed her 10-day 500-mile ride on the morning of December 27, 2013. During the ride the sweat on the inside of her boots froze, but that along with having to eat freeze-dried food and brave the arctic weather was not enough to keep her from completing the amazing ride on her heavily customized recumbent trike. Maria had to get her body used to burning fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel because of the incredible amount of calories the body burns just maintaining core body temperature...and then there are the calories she burns while cycling on top of that. Maria set of from the Novo Russian Air Force Base on December 16th and was racing against two other riders for the South Pole, American Daniel Burton and Spaniard Juan Menendez Granados. Daniel Burton is updating his blog almost daily on the status of his ride, which is a round trip journey to the South Pole and back for a total of 1400 miles!

The original story can be found at the Mirror.

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