Alternative Holiday Music

We are now several weeks (or even several months if you start the clock at the 1st holiday display sighting) into the holiday season. By now the holiday music you are listening too might be getting a little stale or repetitive. Below are a few of my favorite non-traditional albums I listen to during the holiday season (and some of them all year long). So if you are looking for something a bit different to listen to you might considering giving one of these a listen...


Three Suites by Duke Ellington:

This a great big band/swing/jazz music album with a nod to some holiday classics. You can listen to this entire album and not even notice some of them are Christmas songs. My wife even uses a song from this album as her alarm clock.

December by George Winston:

George Winston is one of my favorite artists (I've played piano since I was a little kid, so of course I'm a fan). This is purely a piano solo album, but George Winston has a piano playing style like no other. Even if you are not a fan of piano this album may still have something for you. This album is from back in 1982 and just has an amazing ambiance that makes you want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and climb under a blanket.

If On a Winter's Night by Sting:

Sting puts his own twist on some really old English Christmas Carols with this album. This is not a traditional Sting album (if there is such a thing). This is nothing like any of the big hit songs that most people think of when they think of Sting, rather this is more traditional to the original tunes. Whether you are a Sting fan or not you have to admit he is quite an amazing artist and thi album is no exception. Try out a few samples from the album on iTunes and you might just be suprised. I listen to this album A LOT every year around this time...

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