Vincent Award #14: Makenzie Wethington

For most people just getting up enough courage to jump out of an airplane is enough of an accomplishment. But for 16 year-old Texas teenager Makenzie Wethington, she also had to survive a 3000 foot fall when her parachute failed to open properly. So why is this worthy of a Vincent Award? Because not only does Makenzie have a long and incredibly difficult road to recovery ahead of her, but she also has publicly announced her career aspirations on national television. After all of the excellent care she has received following her accident she has been inspired to pursue a career as a surgeon specializing in trauma. Turns out she had always wanted to be a surgeon, but with her first hand experience with trauma care she now has a calling to work in trauma. Makenzie gets the Vincent Award because of the amazing bravery she has shown in not only facing a near death experience, surviving and recovering from that event but most importantly for taking on a very public and very challenging goal of becoming a trauma surgeon. I wouldn't bet against her...good luck Makenzie!

The original story was published by My Fox DFW and can be found here.

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