Vincent Award #15: Alice Herz Sommer

This week's Vincent Award goes to Alice Herz Sommer. Alice died this past Sunday at the age of 110. She isn't getting the Vincent Award because she lived to 110. Nor because she was an accomplished concert pianist. She also isn't getting the Vincent Award because she survived two years in the Theresienstadt (Terezín) Nazi concentration camp. No, Alice is getting this award because of her love of life. Alice was able to defeat the evil that was the Holocaust and live an incredibly happy and fulfilling life, despite losing her husband and most of her family and friends in the Holocaust she was able to move on. Up until her death last week she was still playing piano 3 hours a day and had a daily swimming routine.

We all have a lot to learn from Alice. She spent over 100 years of her life playing the piano, but what was even more impressive was not the length of her life but rather HOW she chose to live her life and her ability to see the beauty in even the most horrific aspects of our world. What an incredible woman...

Malcolm Clark's short film "The Lady in Number 6", which about the life of Alice Herz Sommer has been nominated for an Oscar. The short film is available for rent, download and available on DVD. I just watched "The Lady in Number 6" with my family and it was amazing.

Also, the Guardian has an excellent article on Alice Herz Sommer here.

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