Vincent Award #17: Kayla Montgomery

Kayla Montgomery trains by running 50 miles a week and has won the state title at her North Carolina High School. Impressive for sure. But the truly amazing part of this story is that Kayla has Multiple Sclerosis.

 "When she was diagnosed [at 15], she said to me, ‘Coach, I 
 don’t know how much time I have left, so I want to run 
 fast — don’t hold back," Cromwell told the New York Times.

Kayla starts to go numb around mile 2 every time she runs and by the time she has completed the run she has almost no muscle control left, to the point that someone needs to be at the finish line of her run to "catch" her.

 In the national indoor 5,000m championship in 2013, officials
 reportedly forgot to catch her and she fell on her face,lying
 prostrate on the track until someone carried her away.

Kayla has accepted her condition but has chosen to not let that "hold her back" and in return has become quite the accomplished athlete. Amazing Kayla, truly amazing. You deserve this week's Vincent nothing for the swim back.

Original story can be found at Eurosport/Yahoo! here.

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