Review: Contact Patch for iOS

One of the first booths that I visited at MacWorld was for a product called Contact Patch. Contact Patch is a set of small silicon pieces that you can "stick" to the screen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Why? Because if you are playing a game on your device it's a lot easier to play that game by feel rather than having to always glance over and make sure your thumb in squarely on the trigger button before laying waste to your on-screen enemy. These are actually pretty cool little buttons. They stick really well to the screen but also come off quickly and easily, no adhesives it just uses static cling like many of the screen protectors out there. A pack of buttons come with 16 different buttons (6 circles, 4 squares and 6 triangles ) and a little cloth bag to carry them all in. Why the different shapes? If you have played enough iOS games you would know that some of the more complex games have many different buttons you must tap on the screen. With different shapes you can use a different shape and size for each area you need to press to play the game and it makes it easier to play by feel rather than by sight. These patches or buttons have a raised outer edge and that is what you first feel when you press the button on the screen, however the iOS screen only registers the touch if you press the very center of the button (the thin part). This is pretty ingenious as you can gently rest your fingers on the button without actually activating it (just like with an arcade game).

I don't play a lot of games on my iOS devices and the ones that I do play really don't use the type of game controls that would make these useful. However, if you play a lot of iOS games you will find these little adhesive buttons to be quite awesome. Having tried them on the floor of MacWorld I can say that that they are worth picking up if you are an iOS gamer!


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