Vincent Award #26: Russell Brand

This week's Vincent Award goes to Russell Brand. If you have read my Vincent Award posts in the past you must be thinking that Russell has taken up some kind of extreme sport or demonstrated super-human endurance of some kind. No. Russell Brand did something much more impressive. During rush hour in London on Thursday morning a van almost hit a cyclist and things between the cyclist and the driver of the van got a little heated. Russell Brand got out of his Mercedes and decided to intervene. It was HOW Russell decided to intervene that earned him the Vincent Award. Russell went up to the cyclist and gave him a hug. The cyclist quickly went from fear of being run down by a van to anger and finally because of a well timed hug...laughter. I generally do a lot of reading through the news to find a story about an unsung hero of some kind for the Vincent Award because it isn't world leaders or Hollywood actors that change the world, it is everyday people. However, this week I made an exception and am giving Russell Brand the Vincent Award despite his "star" status. What Russell did was pure genius. He was able to use something as simple as a well-timed hug to completely disarm what could have been a dangerous situation. It takes a lot of guts and a big heart to do what Russell did. Such a simple act with a very powerful outcome. Thank you Russell for showing us all you really can change the world one hug at a time.

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