iThoughts for iOS: Don't Miss the SALE!

The brainstorming/mindmapping application I have been using for years on iOS has finally been updated for iOS 7...toketaWare's iThoughts. Even if you have no idea what a mindmapping application does, do yourself a favor and go buy this app right now. The app is 80% off for a limited time to allow people who have bought the previous version of the app "upgrade" to the new app and not have to pay full price (but everyone can get in on this upgrade promotion). Take advantage of this and grab a great $10 app (which is worth way more than that by the way) for only $2. It is a universal app so for $2 it will work on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I haven't had any time to play with the new app, but I am a huge fan of their previous app, iThoughts HD for iPad. Pick this up while it is still drastically reduced in price and use it to make you next list of ANYTHING. You will quickly see how much more powerful it is to use an app like this over plain text or pen and paper to get thoughts out of your head and documented somewhere.

Your welcome...

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