Vincent Award #57: Hu Huiyuan

Image from the Huffington Post

Image from the Huffington Post

This week's Vincent Award goes to Hu Huiyuan. Hu is 21 years old, lives in the Anhui Province of China and has cerebral palsy. Hu has extremely limited mobility, but despite her physical challenges she has not only taught herself to read and write but she is also authoring a novel by typing it with her toes:

To type, Hu is fastened to a wheelchair with a belt to stabilize her as she's using her foot, Central European News reported. It's no easy task, though the 21-year-old, who types 20 to 30 words a minute, says she's always had a determined spirit. Though she was unable to attend school in her village, due to her disability, she taught her self how to read and write.

For all of us writers out there, we now officially have no excuses. Keep fighting Hu...amazing!

The original story can be found at the Huffington Post.

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