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Yesterday my first article at GeekDad.com was published. The article is titled "Doing the Two-Smartphone Shuffle" and is about how to best deal with having a smartphone for work and a separate smartphone for home. I just recently switched from having a Blackberry as my work phone to now having an iPhone 6, the same as my personal iPhone. I see a lot of people in the same boat, carrying two phones and there are definitely things you can do to make this a much more manageable situation. Tomorrow I get my iPhone 6 Plus and this is going to replace my iPhone 6 personal smartphone. I'll be following up on a post here in a few weeks to let you know how this decision to supersize my iPhone turned out (especially considering the post I did last year titled "Returning the iPhone 6 Plus").

So what is GeekDad and what does me writing for them mean for this blog? GeekDad is a blog that was started back in 2006 as a place for a "geeky Dad" to write about all the really cool geeky things he loves and how the "geek culture" affects being a parent and having fun with his kids. The blog grew from there and has gone through several different phases over the years (see the GeekDad "About" page for more details. GeekDad has been a blog I have enjoyed reading for many years, so when they asked for more writers and I was given a chance to come on-board I took it. It's a great community of like-minded geeks who love sharing our geeky nature with the world. I'll only be writing a few article a month for them and it won't impact my writing here at 1wayswim. This blog isn't going anywhere. I plan to continue writing here just as much as I have been (if not more).

So go check out my 1st article on GeekDad and check out the rest of the site as well. GeekDad is also attempting to grow their site and to do so without having to go the route of having more advertising on the site. They have a Patreon page where readers can donate (as little as $1 a month) to help the site grow. The more funding they get the more ads they can remove from the site and the more content they can add (like adding more writers like me and starting up a GeekDad podcast network). As you can tell from my blog (free of ads) I am not a fan of ads, but running a big site like GeekDad isn't cheap. So I really like the approach they are taking to add really great content and trying to do it without the advertising revenue.

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