Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts

Everything went as I had hoped and my Apple Watch arrived on my front door on the afternoon of April 24th. I ended up getting the 42 mm stainless steel with the white sport band. I wasn't sure I was going to like having an all metal band so I opted not to get the Space Black Stainless Steel with the link bracelet. I was half expecting to spend most of that day and the rest of the weekend playing with my new little piece of technological wonder, but more important things came up. In fact, just a few hours after unwrapping my new little piece of Apple Tech I went out on a date with my wife. Normally when we go out I have to either keep my iPhone sound turned on or constantly check to see if I have any missed calls or messages. With 3 kids, something is bound to happen. Not so on the night of April 24th. I put my phone on silent, strapped my Apple Watch to my wrist and spend the rest of the evening paying attention to my wife and not the phone in my pocket (or the new watch on my wrist for that matter).

That is the one big thing about having an Apple Watch that makes it so different than previous Apple products, it is designed NOT to be played with. Don't get me wrong, you can play with the watch but it's not very comfortable to hold up your arm for long periods of time. After you have spent enough time learning all the features and setting up the watch you just simply wear it and go about your day. The real "magic" of the Apple Watch is all the little interactions that you eventually have with the device. The first time you get a phone call on your way out the door and instead of answering your iPhone you dictate a quick text with your Apple Watch back to the caller telling them you are on your way out and you will call them later. Or the first time you are in a meeting at work and get a call that you need to take. One quick tap on your Apple Watch and the caller is put on hold and the call itself is sent to the iPhone in your pocket. You then can casually walk out of the room without disrupting the meeting and take your call out in the hallway while your caller is literally put on hold for a few seconds.

I could write a super long post about the Apple Watch, but very few of you are going to have a couple of hours to read my ramblings on such things. Plus, this device takes time to adjust to. So instead I am going to write a bunch of posts in the coming weeks with each post focusing on a single topic about the watch. For this post I will just say that I am really enjoying the Apple Watch so far. Each day I am appreciating what it can do to simplify my life and silence my phone and I think my appreciation will only continue to grow with time. I haven't worn a watch on a daily basis for at least 5 years so it is a little strange getting used to having something on my wrist again. But the Apple Watch is unlike any watch I have ever worn before, so that is also requiring quite an adjustment.

More to come...

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