Series 3 Apple Watch & Enterprise iPhones


Even though I called both Apple and AT&T before buying the Series 3 Apple Watch to pair with my work provided iPhone I still got a surprise. In the week or so leading up to the release of the Apple Watch Series 3 there wasn’t a ton of information about how exactly the new Series 3 Apple Watch would be making and receiving phone calls. Turns out the new Apple Watch is using a form of wi-fi calling. In other words, the watch is using cellular data to make a phone call in the same way your iPhone can when it doesn’t have a cell signal but is connected to wi-fi. But in order to make all this happen (and in fact in order to even setup the Series 3 with cellular data) the iPhone you are pairing your new Series 3 Apple Watch with must have the wi-fi calling feature enabled. Each cellular company calls this feature something different (on AT&T it is called NumberSync). If you have a personal account with AT&T (and I assume with the other cellular providers as well), enabling this feature is very simple and doesn’t cost anything. But if your iPhone is on an enterprise account (provided by your employer) then this may not be an option your employer can enable. Turns out if you dig hard enough you can actually find this guidance on Apple’s support pages:


So since I can’t enable NumberSync on my work provided iPhone I’m not able to use my Apple Watch Series 3 with my work iPhone. I just wanted to share this others out there in case they were thinking of doing the same thing. Make sure you check with your work IT department to see if your work provided iPhone can be configured properly to work with a Series 3 Apple Watch before you buy the Apple Watch.

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