A Blog Post a Day In November

Photo by  freestocks.org  on  Unsplash

I decided on the plane ride home from Denver today that I would give myself a challenge...write and publish a new blog post every day here on 1wayswim. Now that my health seems to be stabilizing and I am getting back into a somewhat normal routine I wanted to kick-start a good habit. It isn’t a coincidence that I decided to do this now, because it is inspired by the whole NaNoWriMo write a novel in the month of November thing. If you don't know what I'm talking about go check out their website. I have no intention of writing a novel, although I do have plans to hopefully publish a book (maybe I'll write a little bit about that this month here so stay tuned).

Doing anything creative takes time and energy and the natural instinct is to avoid the work that goes along with these types of activities. One way to switch things around and make what can at times be a hard task and turn it into just something you do is to just go do it...over, and over again on a regular basis. I've had a lot of topics on the back burner that I have been meaning to write about so now its time to get those thoughts out there. November is also good timing for me. I am taking the first half of the month off from work. I am getting ready to start the launch campaign leading up to the launch of the Solar Orbiter spacecraft in February. Launch campaigns really take their toll on me both mentally and physically, so I always make sure I'm nice and well rested before going into one. So I have a few trips planned in November and also some time just to relax at home. No deadlines, no work emails, just doing what I want to do. Some of that will be writing and posting here, so stay tuned...

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