Mercury Transit Across the Sun

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Very early in the history of this blog I wrote an article about the transit of Venus across the Sun. This was back in 2012 (have I really been blogging here for over 7 years already?). We have a similar very cool event coming up this next Monday Nov 11th when Mercury will transit our Sun. I have a link to an excellent article over at Universe Today about the event below and I highly recommend you check it out. Most of you probably don't own the solar filters and the telescope you would need to safely view this event, so please be very careful. See if your local science museum, observatory or astronomy clubs are hosting any kind of public viewing event and check it out. If weather permits I will be setting up my telescope and viewing it from my front yard. I'll post some photos and let you know how it went, but seriously check this out for yourself if you can...

Universe Today Article:

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