Solar Eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 Photos


Like I mentioned in my "You'll Burn Your Eyes Out" post, I spent Aug 21, 2017 in my front yard watching the eclispe with my kids. It had been a few years since I have used my telescope to do any solar observing and I had forgotten just how challanging it can be to manually point a telescope and succesfully find the Sun. Telescopes are not natually setup with tools that easily let you point at the Sun. The solar filter also makes the Sun quite dim in the eyepiece and if you don't get your eye just the right distance from the eyepiece you don't see anything (even if the Sun is in the field of view). At night you always have a background star field so you know when you have your eye placed at the right sweet spot. Oh, and did I mention the challenge of having sweat run down your face (it is Florida in August after all).

So the eclipse was almost at its maximum (we only had a partial eclipse here in Central Florida) by the time I got the Sun centered in my telescope. Back during the Venus transit of 2012 I wrote up a post detailing my telescope setup and I used the same setup for this solar eclipse (so reference my 2012 post for details). I don't have an autofocuser and I wasn't all that concerned about getting a bunch of really great photos through my scope (I was more focused on seeing the eclipse in real time with my own eyes (and my kid's eyes) through the scope), so I took the approach of taking a bunch of photos and only keeping the ones that were properly focused. So out of the several hundred photos I snapped the 3 that ended up being half way decent are below:

We also took some indirect photos of the shadows that one of the trees in our front yard was casting on the ground:

Lots of little crescent Suns!

Lots of little crescent Suns!

All in all we had a great day off from work and school watching one of the great wonders of nature right from our front yard. I took a quick selfie of the 3 of us in between viewings:


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