Why buy an iPhone 5?

This is not going to be a long review or recommendation for a product that very few people on this Earth have even had a chance to get to touch. Rather, I wanted to say a few words about what some in the media have been calling a “disappointing” product because of it’s lack of new features and only slight outside appearance change (were they expecting a new hexagonal shape). Even some of the most loyal Apple fans have admitted to be slightly disappointed with the unveiling of the iPhone 5. Why? It’s only natural to be caught up in all the hype and to get excited about new groundbreaking features. But what about all the things that makes the iPhone great today? You see, it’s not just about the hardware. Unlike most companies, Apple understands that in order for a product to be truly great that product needs to have the “total package.” For the iPhone the total package is things like:

  • The intuitive user interface
  • The incredibly rich app ecosystem
  • iCloud (and all the features and connectivity that comes with it)
  • The iTunes store
  • iTunes Match
  • iMessage
  • FaceTime

For me, my iPhone is a dependable and familiar tool that I turn to on a daily basis and depend on in order to get things done. I’m not so sure that I want Apple to radically change the design of my iPhone because I don’t think the iPhone NEEDS to radically change. I’m also not convinced that all these so called features that the iPhone 5 didn’t get are really something that I need. Apple puts an incredible amount of thought into their products and I keep going back to something Steve Jobs said about the most important decision you can make is deciding what NOT to do. I think Apple continues Steve’s vision with the iPhone 5 and “decided” NOT to include certain features for very good reasons. So I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 sight unseen at 3am eastern Friday morning and trust that when I get my hands on it next Friday that I will be able to continue to depend on it just like I do every day with my iPhone 4. David Chartier wrote an excellent post on the iPhone 5 design choices, a highly recommended read. Also, if you are on the fence about whether to get the iPhone 5 CNET has a great FAQ piece. I'm going to wait and reserve judgement on the iPhone 5 until I've actually had a chance to hold and use one. But honestly, as long the iPhone 5 is still powered by an "iPhone" I think I will be extremely happy!

So are what are your thoughts on the iPhone 5?

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