Vincent Award #3: Dan Black

This week's Vincent Award (#3) goes to Dan Black. I chose Dan for this week's award because Dan acomplished not one but two really amazing acomplishments. Dan was a 19-year old young man who wanted to join the army, but before he could he was involved in a serious bicycle accident which rendered his dream impossible. Dan broke his back, skull, and suffered brain damage from a stroke. After 21-months in the hospital Dan was released but would require very expensive medical procedures in order to have any chance of trying to regain a resemblance of an active lifestyle. Dan tuned to his local community and was able to raise funds for his medical procedures, but during his fundraising efforts he learned of the plight of another local...a 5-year old boy named a Brecon with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. Brecon was also in need of expensive medical procedures in order to have any hopes of ever being mobile and his family could not afford them. so after having to give up his dream of joining the Army, fighting for 21-months to recover in the hospital and then raising funds to cover his own medical procedures Dan chose to donate the full £22,000 he had raised to Brecon's family. Why? Dan said he already had the opportunity to enjoy being active and this 5-year old boy would never know what that was like if someone didn't set up and he did. Well done...

The original news story can be found at The Mirror Online

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