Vincent Award #11: Zenko Hrynkiw

Zenko Hrynkiw is this week's Vincent Award winner. Zenko was driving into work this past Tuesday in response to a call for him to perform emergency brain surgery on a patient at Trinity Medical Center. Zenko got stuck in the traffic due to the snow that brought Alabama to it's knees and most local traffic to stand-still. So what did Zenko do? He took a 6-mile multi-hour walk through the snow. Zenko was this hospital's only brain surgeon, so this was literally a matter of life or death. Zenko most likely saved this patient's life by doing what ever it took to get his job done. Could we all say the same thing about our jobs? (Granted most of us are in life or death situations like this one...but still.)

Original story can be found at The Christian Post.

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