Brandon Richardson

Vincent Award #1: Brandon Richardson

This week's Vincent Award goes to New Hampshire High School senior Brandon Richardson, who has been running about 50 miles a day on back to back days until he completes his 215+ mile run from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts state line. To put this into perspective, a marathon is 26 miles and Brandon is running the equivalent of 2 marathons back to back in the same day, then running 2 more marathons back to back the next day. He did this for 5 days in a row and completed the run for a grand total of 225 miles at around 9:30 pm November 19th. Why is he doing this? He is trying to raise $10,000 for James Snowden (and his family), a 6-year old boy with cerebral palsy.

You can find the original Huffington Post story here, which includes a local news video segment on Brandon's run. Congratulations to Brandon for completing an amazing set of runs for an incredible cause!

This is my 1st Vincent Award post and I intend to do this weekly. To find out more about what this award is all about and why it is called the Vincent Award, visit my about page.

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