Vincent Award #10: Tywan Wade

This week's Vincent Award goes to Tywan Wade, a sophomore at the George Washington University. Tywan had an idea for an iOS weather application and contacted 102 professors across the globe looking for someone to help him with his project. He had a very tight deadline to develop the app and they all told him that "there was no way that an eighteen year old with no background in computer science could develop an iPhone application (especially in the time that I was trying to do it in)." One of the professors simply responded with "impossible dream." Rather than give up, Tywan went down to the local book store and bought every book they had on iOS development and spend the next 3 days (with no sleep) pouring through the books and taking the online Stanford course on iPhone development. Tywan spent a week after those 3 days actually developing the app and released it on the app store. The app is called Shortly - Live Young. Plan Right. and while it's not the most complicated or feature-rich weather app on the app store few developers can claim they have started with no programming experience and cranked out a product that quickly. Congratulations Tywan for NOT listening to all of the "you can't do it" responses out there and "doing it" anyway. Well done...

Original article can be found at the Huffington Post.

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