Trees for Cars

Vincent Award #4: Leo Grand

This week's Vincent Award goes to Leo Grand. You see Leo is homeless and back in August a young software programmer approached Leo on the street and offered him the following:

  • $100 cash or...
  • Personal lessons on how to write software code

Leo chose the option to learn how to code. The young software programmer, Patrick McConlogue, bought Leo a few books about coding and gave him a Chromebook computer and met every weekday for an over over a 16-week period. The story got quite a bit of attention, even it's own FaceBook Page. After several setbacks and a few bumps in the road Leo Grand has completed his 1st application which is now on sale in the iOS App Store as well as on the Google play store. The app is called Trees for Cars and is an app designed to help people carpool to help save the environment.

It takes a lot of courage to choose something like software development lessons over $100 cash when you are homeless. Can most of us claim we would have made the same choice? The original news story from Business Insider can be found here.

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