Slight Changes In Content & Post Frequency


Some of you may have noticed some changes here at 1wayswim lately both in how often I am posting full articles and the new types of linked articles I am sharing here. The reason there have been some changes is because I am now a Core Contributor at, which means I am writing a new article for them every week. I have also significantly increased my reading habit. All of this means the time I have to write for this blog is more time constrained then it has ever been. But this isn’t all bad news....change can be good.

Content Changes

While I will still be posting long articles on occasion here I won’t be writing 1-3 articles a week like I was doing over the past year or two. But instead I have started sharing links to news articles I find of interest. These “linked articles” will have a few sentences at the beginning written by me that communicates why I think this article is worth a look and then at the very bottom of the post I will have a link to the original article. It seems like news more and more is just a non-stop cranking out of words so when I come across something I think people should be paying attention to I want to make sure I communicate that. I certainly won’t have time to write a full article about every topic I find interesting like this, but that is where these linked articles come in. I will also continue to post links to all the articles I write on GeekDad here on 1wayswim. But I will also still write full articles as well, just not as frequently.


I mentioned that I am reading a lot more these days. One of the ways I am able to do this is a new news and social media time limit I have imposed on myself. I wrote up an article on GeekDad here about how I do this. This has freed up a very large chunk of time each day that I am now able to use to read more books. I have already read some very fascinating books and plan to write up some short reviews from time to time of the books I find particularly interesting. I am also keeping a list of all the books I am currently reading and have read recently right here on my blog on a page called Reading List. There are some amazing books out there and there are also a lot of not so great books too, so having some recommended reads is a very valuable thing to have. So I figured if I am going to be reading more that I should also be sharing what I am reading with others.

I hope you all continue to find the information I post here useful. I enjoy writing and will continue to do so right here on 1wayswim as long as I still have people that come here and find it worth reading.

Intelligent Visibility: The ICON+ Rear Bike Light

2018-03-07 - ICON+ rear bike light featured.jpg

If you do any amount of cycling out on public roadways, you will understand why it certainly can’t hurt to add a little bit of “intelligence” on to the road by using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) cycling light. The ICON+ rear bike light by See.Sense is the only bike light in the world that has artificial intelligence built-in so that it can react by flashing brighter and faster at roundabouts, road-junctions, and approaching car headlights at night.

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An Amazing New Space/Astronomy Newsletter


I’ve been reading (and listening via podcast) to Fraser Cain at Universe Today for many years. Fraser just announced recently that he is starting up a weekly newsletter that he is personally writing. The newsletter will come out every Friday and it will feature space related news from across the globe that Fraser will handpick as they are things that have caught his eye. I can tell you from experience that Fraser has a good eye for these things. If you are into space and astronomy and want an easy way to stay on top of what is going on then I highly recommend you sign up for this newsletter. I did. It will be waiting for you every Friday in your email inbox. That’s perfect timing for me as the weekend is when I like to kick back a little bit and catch up on interesting reading and this certainly fits the bill. It’s rare to get this kind of personalization these days so take advantage of it. Click on the linked article below for instructions on how to sign up...

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Is Workflow For iOS Dead As We know It?

Is Workflow For iOS Dead As We know It?

2018-03-02 - Worflow main image.png

Ever since Apple bought the iOS app Workflow in March of 2017 it has lead many of us in the Apple community to speculate about the future of the app. Will Apple continue to update the app or will they spend all of their time integrating the underlying technologies into iOS? This “unknown” future hanging over the Workflow app has driven many people to stop using the app all together. The thinking is...don’t rely on powerful automation features that might go away any day now.

The other side of that argument is that we shouldn’t be ignoring powerful automation when it available to us. The Workflow app is still being updated by the original developers (who I believe are now Apple employees), so why not continue to use Workflow? This was exactly my take on the whole situation, but all that changed this past January.

I attended CES this past January in support of the other blog I write for (, so I was covering the event as press. One of the things I was doing was publishing a daily article about some of the highlights I saw at CES that day. That meant I needed to take an hour or so out of an already jam-packed day and write and publish an article. The best way for me to do this was to use my iPad Pro. After all, the iPad Pro is my main computing device when I am at home so why wouldn’t I use an iPad at CES?

As I was getting ready to publish my first daily highlights article while at CES and I ran into a bit of a problem. When you publish an article for a website you tend to have to format your images a certain way, both for consistency across the site as well as for compatibility reasons. So as I was formatting the images I wanted to use for the article the app I used to do this editing kept crashing on me. Yup, you guessed it...I was using the Workflow app. Workflow is great to use for this purpose because it can take a photo you have taken with your iPhone, crop it, re-size it, rename it and put it in any location you choose. Except this time when I ran my photo editing worflow in the Workflow app the app would crash. No problem. I figured I must have done something to workflow I had written for this specific task, so maybe I will start from scratch. No luck. Creating a brand new worflow and doing just a basic image edit still resulted in an app crash. So next I downloaded a basic example workflow from the app’s worflow gallery. Surely a workflow that is published as an example in the Workflow app example gallery would work right? Nope. That’s when I knew something was definitely wrong. So I first emailed the developer and then after a day or two of not getting a response I reached out to Apple (after all Apple bought Workflow and the Workflow developers work for Apple now).

2018-03-02 - Worflow Tweet.jpg

You have to give Apple credit here as they reached out to me right away. They directed me over an Direct Message on Twitter and we continued to communicate:

2018-03-02 - Workflow DM.jpg

So Apple essentially pointed me right back to the Workflow developers. So I emailed them again and heard nothing. I went through the rest of CES without the ability to do what I needed to do to my photos to prep them for publishing. Luckily the people I work with at GeekDad are awesome and they did my photo editing for me while I was at CES.

Finally on Feb 11 (exactly 1-month after my initial email to the developers) one of the Workflow developers emailed me back and said the crash was due to an issue with the “Edit Image” action and that they were working on a fix. It is now March 2nd and the Workflow app has not been updated for 3-months. I took a look at the history of Workflow app updates and the app was updated 3 months ago, 6 months ago, 9 months ago, and 11 months ago. So it looks like they are on about a 4 times a year update cycle. That’s ok for minor bug fixes and feature additions but when you have a major component of your app like the Edit Photo action that not only doesn’t work but actually causes the app to crash you would think they would push out a fix as soon as possible. Nope.

I don’t know what the right answer is as far as whether we as a community of iOS automation users should be using the Workflow app going forward or not. For me personally, I can’t continue to use the app for work critical items anymore. I just can’t. I choose my hardware and software tools very carefully because my time is very constrained. My day job as an engineer is enough to make most people claim that as a full plate, but in addition to that I maintain this blog and I am a core writer for So every little bit of my time counts. I like using apps that have a revenue model that supports long-term usage...meaning the developers are making money and I can count on the app being around for a while. Workflow is no longer one of those apps for me. If you publish an example usage of your app in an example gallery that crashes the app and it does this for 3-months you are sending a pretty clear message that maintaining that app is not the priority. I’m sure there will be an update coming very soon for the Workflow app and that it will fix this particular issue. But as we all know Apple tends to cater to the average user. The average iOS user is not a “power user,” so if we as a community of iOS automation users are hoping that Apple is going to take the engine of Workflow and give us powerful built-in automation in the near future I fear we will be disappointed. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Apple will do just that, but with Apple all but abandoning the Automator app on the Mac and getting rid of Sal Soghoin (the Product Manager of automation) I think it is safe to say that the future of automation at Apple is in flux.

Right now I have about 30 custom workflows inside the Workflow app and I will continue to use some of those workflows going forward. But there are several workflows that I rely on to get work done. They are critical to me being productive. The next Workflow app update may fix the Edit Image action but break something else and I can’t afford to lose another 3-months of productivity to that kind of uncertainty. For me the Workflow app is no longer a “go-to” tool. It can’t be because I can no longer trust that it is going to work for me. I will continue to use the app for small automation tasks that are not work critical items, but for important tasks I will be looking elsewhere even if that means a less efficient solution. Because in the end it just has to work.

‘Ready Player One’ Playlist: Songs From The Novel


As I write this we are just a few weeks away from the premier of Ready Player One and I just hope the movie can project the same nostalgic “awesomeness” that the novel was able deliver while at the same time giving us a taste of what immersive technologies could potentially be like for us in the future. But why wait until the movie comes out to enjoy the 80’s? Every fan of the book needs a Ready Player One playlist! I don’t have any spoilers in this article so feel free to read it through to the end and enjoy some great (and a few maybe not so great) songs from the 80’s.

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