Vincent Award #69: Peter Shankman and Curtis Jenkins


It's been a while since I have given out a Vincent Award and what better time to “give” one out than Christmas. Speaking of giving, for Vincent Award #69 we have two winners who showed an amazing amount of generosity that ended up having an enormous impact on their communities.

Peter Shankman travels around the country for a living giving speeches so he racks up a lot of frequent flyer miles. Since he travels so much for business the last thing he wants to do with his free time is travel some more. So what to do with all those miles? Well, for the fifth year in a row now Peter Shankman has hosted a contest on Imgur where other Imgur users vote on who should get miles that Peter wants to donate to those in need. Those in need submit their request to be a potential recipient. But his deed didn’t stop there. Before long others began donating their miles as well and the contest grew. This year over 300,000 miles were donated which allowed 5 families to spend Christmas together when they would not have otherwise had the chance to do so.

Read the full article about Peter Shankman over at The Washington Post...

Curtis Jenkins works as a bus driver in Dallas, Texas and he wanted to do something special for all the elementary school kids who ride his bus. So he started saving money from every paycheck so that he could give everything child on his bus route what they wanted for Christmas. Curtis says that “seeing those faces on the kids was more than anything I could ever do with the money.”

Read the full news article about Curtis Jenkins over at the Good News Network...

Congratulations Peter Shankman and Curtis Jenkins for showing us all what you can accomplish when you hold nothing back!

OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Arrives at Asteroid Bennu Monday!


Just a little over 2-years ago (September 2016) I helped integrate the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft onto the Atlas V rocket so it could leave Earth on its way to visit (and eventually sample the surface and return from) asteroid Bennu. Tomorrow (Monday Dec 3rd) the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrives and (hopefully) successfully begins orbiting the asteroid. NASA will be covering the arrival LIVE between 11:45am and 12:15pm EST on the following channels:

There are a lot of unique things about the OSIRIS-REx mission. It will be the first US mission to capture and return a sample from the surface of an asteroid. Also, asteroid Bennu is actually quite small as it is only 492 meters in diameter so when NASA talks about injecting into an orbit around Bennu it is quite different than going into orbit around a planet (its really like trying to orbit a large potato in space). So be sure to watch the coverage live tomorrow if you can...

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